Timing Pulley Japan CO., LTD.

No.1 Manufacturing Strength in Timing Pulleys
Timing Pulley Japan CO., LTD.

Timing Pulley Japan CO., LTD.


We strive for grooming ourselves and the development of the company. Also, we ensure that our company will prosper to benefit the development of the society in future.


Our greatest strength is to ensure that the full company of all processes are delivered unfailingly, especially the production of high precision driving parts such as timing pulleys. Such capacity is strengthened by our high performance technologies, inspection ability and exceptional know-how. Most importantly, teamwork is the key element to TimingPulleyJapan’s workforce, inspective of an engineer’s ability to perform.
With productive teamwork, we are able to enhance customer confidence towards our services when employees demonstrate their capability. We will strive for grooming our employees and the development for the company. Also, we ensure that our company will prosper to benefit the development of the society in future.

The reason of the high precision and high quality

  1. One stop SolutionWe have integrated the production of finished part, including from the material procurement to processing and surface treatment.

    We call our-self “a one-stop-Maker” as a manufacturer that can be integrated production.
    We make the special working process to improve precision, save time and cost for transportation.

  2. Fusion of advanced new and old technologyAdvanced fusion of analog technology represented by veteran craftsman and digital technology that the younger generation is making full use in such as NC machine is also our feature.

    Without the modernization of equipment in the reason just to simply save the trouble, for each production phases, selection of the latest equipment or carry out direct human reflects in the high precise and high quality product.

  3. Human resource developmentAs there are many young staffs, communication is likely to take and fast learner is also characteristic of company.

    In order to produce a high-precision and high-quality products in a stable manner, the veteran of the staff,
    transfer technology actively to young staff. Things that can not be expressed in words is left in shape and
    by "visualization" delicate technology we have to allow the high quality of stable supply.


Our products are used in such a place

Company outline

Company name Timing Pulley Japan Co., Ltd.
representative President Nobuhiko Tagashira
address 3-1-31, Kinohikaridai, Hashimoto City, Wakayama, Japan #648-0007
TEL / FAX +81-736-37-0008 / +81-736-36-8008
URL http://timingpulley.jp
Business items Timing pulley, drive precision parts
Capital 3 million Japanese Yen
Employees 18
Site area 8,998 square meters
Established 1 March 2015